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Our News

GIC Integrated Consulting Solutions in December 2016 has opened its international branch in UAE, having its mother-company BML registered in another strategic location Calgary, Canada, serving mainly North American market. 
The choice has fallen to UAE as it is a time zone bridge between the Far East and Europe on the East-West axis and the CIS and Africa on the north-south axis. It is a gateway to a market where the industries like oil and gas, mining, construction, production, processing and manufacturing are well established and running business links with the greater than 1.5 billion people in the neighboring region covering the Gulf, Middle East/Eastern Mediterranean, CIS, Central Asia, Africa and the Asian sub-continent.
This is where GIC can add really value with extensive experience of the a core group of associates who understand the importance of providing a professional approach and  delivering even beyond expected results in a most cost-effective and efficient way. 

Our Mission
“GIC strives to provide high quality and cost effective consulting services to companies that are serious in their efforts for improvement of systems, processes, management and their workforce competencies.”