Through diligent customer service and a commitment to mutual success, GIC desires to be the management consulting company of choice. GIC is made up of a core group of professionals and associates who understand the importance of providing professional approach and results oriented management consulting services to its clients. GIC maintains a professional, respected, and creative work environment. GIC helps companies search for solutions and is proficient at integrating projects into the organization to help the development of the company’s key asset, their people. GIC is considerate of cultural differences and social norms, which influence the way workers, managers and business owners interact and work together.

    - Performance Planning & Evaluation - Policies and Procedures Development - Corporate Training Strategies - Gap Analysis - Employee Motivation and Benefits - Effective Presentation and Interviewing Skills - Coaching and Mentoring - Maintenance of HR records
    - Business planning and consulting - ERP development, modeling and due diligence - Value Assessment - Accounting, auditing, taxation and reporting - Legal and regulatory support - Risk analysis and management - KYC due diligence support - Corporate governance
    - Improved Maintenance Strategies - Preventive and Predictive Maintenance - Asset Integrity Systems - Tubular Products and Services - Drilling and Completion Optimization - Inventory Management ​
  4. HSSE
    - Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems - Employee Awareness for Safety and Environmental Management - Leading and Conducting Corporate HSSE Audits - Preparing Emergency Response Plans - Introduction & Conducting HAZOPs - Implement Behavioral Based Safety Management (BBS) - Changing Safety Attitude - Conducting Safety Meetings​

Advantages of Working with GIC
GIC has taken the strategic business decision to focus on clients who are seriously committed to investing valuable consulting dollars for business improvements and their employee development, where performance, competency and initiative are key drivers for business success. GIC is positioned to offer clients of choice a superb service where direct results are achieved.

      - GIC is one of few private management consulting companies, which can offer such a diverse and experienced service to businesses where there is a need for achieving                   practical and effective results that have immediate and positive impact on company performance. 
      - GIC has the understanding, experience and credibility to deliver exactly what the client needs to gain an advantage in a competitive marketplace.
      - GIC does not accept any contract without fully understanding the level of commitment, business ethics and what results are important for the client. 
      - GIC is not interested in conducting consultations for the sake of just being offered as an employee “perk”. 
      - GIC will work with the client to develop the most cost-effective and least disruptive strategies and plans where results and outcomes can be measured and evaluated, thus             giving the client the best value they can get for their consulting investments. 
      - GIC considers consulting as an investment, and will work with the client to ensure they see their investment has given positive value. 

GIC is willing to work with serious clients to ensure that a superb consulting product and service is provided.  We pride ourselves on the concern we take for the clients needs and will work closely with them to make the best possible consulting results and solutions.